Talking Points for Agency Team Members

Not sure how to get the conversation started when it comes to GloveBox? Use these tips & talking points as a guide!

Download the Agency Talking Points graphic here to keep these on hand!


The simplest way to introduce your technology is to use it as a selling point.

“Did you know that we have our own app? It's a one-stop shop for managing policies, accessing your documents, and easily getting help from our agency. I can send you an invite to get you started, and you can use it to get a quote!”

Application Process

If you know your prospect has policies with a connected carrier… Make the quoting process easier by connecting policies.

“Just so you know we have our own app, and we can use it to easily get you a quote. I’ll send you an invite to get started, I’ll add your carrier. Just log in through there and that’ll give me everything I need to know about your policy to get you a quote!”

New Client Onboarding

Once a new policy is issued, invite the new client to GloveBox, add their carriers, and show them the basics. Let new clients know that all of their policy information will be there soon. You can even set up the client's GloveBox and carrier login credentials.

“Great, your policy is issued, the last thing to do is connect you to our app, which you can use to manage your policies and get help. I’ll send you an invite now and help you get set up and show you the basics!”

New Client Follow-Up

Follow up with your policyholders around policy start date to make sure that they’re set up with GloveBox.

“Your new policy has recently gone into effect and I wanted to reach out to make sure you have everything you need! You can easily manage your policies and get help with our app. Do you have a minute to get that set up in case you need any help or have questions in the future?”

Ongoing Service with Existing Policyholders

Every service-related interaction is an opportunity to remind your clients about their options for self-servicing.


  • Policy renewal reach-out
  • ID card or dec page requests
  • General inquiries, such as “can you tell me my carrier/policy number?”

Once a service request is complete...

“Great I can get that taken care of for you no problem. I see that you have not yet signed up for our mobile app! I am sending you an invite right now, that way, you will always have access to your policies and policy documents! Our app will also give you direct access to our agency to request quotes or service in the future!”

Client Retention

Helping your clients understand how to access and use self-service tools gives policyholders a consistent positive agency experience.

"With our agency, you have a ton of options for getting help. If you'd prefer not to call us or your carrier directly, you can use our mobile app. I can send you an invite and help with initial setup.”