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Tell Your Team All About GloveBox

Here's how you can tell your whole team about GloveBox. Copy this script into an email and add your custom invite link! Send it to your entire team to get them started.

Send the script below to your team, and be sure to invite your team members to join HQ.


Hello all!

We are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with GloveBox to provide our policyholders with an innovative self-service technology to manage their insurance policies and communicate with our agency. Please continue reading to get familiar with the product! 

GloveBox HQ

GloveBox HQ is the main hub for managing our agency’s GloveBox users. Please favorite this page, https://hq.gloveboxapp.com/, as you will need this page in order to launch your client’s GloveBox, invite clients to get started, and review client data. 

To join our team in HQ, make sure to accept the email invite (check your spam if you did not receive it!)

Here are some other great resources to help you get started: https://gbu.gloveboxapp.com/knowledge/getting-started

GloveBox HQ

GloveBox HQ is the main hub for managing our agency’s GloveBox users. In HQ, you can view our clients, their associated AMS data, and their GloveBox accounts. From here, you can even help our clients get started with GloveBox or connect their carriers so they can manage their policies and successfully self-serve.

To join our team in HQ, make sure you accept the email invite. If you’ve already accepted your invite, great! Here’s the link for HQ, go ahead and bookmark it:


How do our clients get started?

Your client can connect through the website button, the rollout campaign, and directly from a client invite sent from HQ. 

Be sure your client has connected via your agency’s link or a client invite prior to sending them to the app store. This ensures clients see your agency information!

I encourage you to set up your GloveBox account, and connect your carriers to view your own policies. Here is our custom agency invite link:

[Your GloveBox agency invite link goes here]

Help, Training, and Other Resources 

GloveBox offers several training resources to help our team better learn this new product and make the most of it. Please check out the full list of the resources they have provided here!

I hope that you find this new technology as valuable as we think you will. Please let me know if you have any questions about our new GloveBox platform, and don’t hesitate to reach out through the Help Desk live chat if you encounter any issues that you can’t resolve using the GloveBox University support articles.