What policy information is available to clients in GloveBox?

GloveBox provides your agency's policyholders with everything needed to self-service. But what exactly does that entail? Understand exactly what we provide to your policyholders in-app to get them started getting help.

The basics provided in GloveBox

GloveBox uses agency AMS data to provide your policyholders with the necessary information needed to self-service. When a client first connects to GloveBox using the phone number or email address associated with their file at your agency, GloveBox presents the user with both agency information (enabling users to get a quote or submit a service request), and the policyholder's respective carriers, in the form of carrier cards.

Policy details from AMS data: carrier, policy type, policy number

GBU Carrier Connections (17)Each carrier card contains the associated policy types, as well as the client's policy numbers, based on the information provided by your AMS data. The carrier cards also contains a direct link to the carriers' online Claims Center, Bill Pay page, and for some carriers, access to Auto Telematics. This ensures that your policyholders no longer need to sift through a massive list of carriers and customer service numbers in order to find the one that they need. In GloveBox, each agency client is only shown the information for their own carriers.

Policyholders can use these details to get more information

These details (plus a handy blue clipboard icon that allows for quick copy-pasting of policy numbers) provide your policyholders with everything they need to easily Register carrier login credentials, and login/connect to their carrier to access additional policy information. Once a policyholder connects to an integrated carrier, their actual, up-to-date policy documents such as declaration page and ID cards will be imported directly into GloveBox. From here, these policy documents/details are readily available to the policyholder and can be copied, downloaded, or shared with others.

GBU Carrier Connections (14)