Booking an Appointment with Your Agent

In addition to all the available options for getting help directly from your agency, GloveBox offers an optional "Set Appointment" feature. Here's how to take advantage of this feature.

If your agency uses a calendar/scheduling tool to set appointments with clients and prospects, this tool can easily be integrated into your agency's GloveBox platform.

For clients to take advantage of the Set Appointment feature, this must first be enabled in HQ by the agency owner.

Enabling the Set Appointment feature

To enable Set Appointment:

  1. cal.pngIn HQ, go to Overview > Edit.
  2. From the Capture Links section on the Edit screen, input your agency's calendar/scheduling link into the Appointment Calendar field.

This field is blank by default. While blank, the Set Appointment button is not displayed or available in-app. This option is only visible once the Appointment Calendar field is filled in.

Using the Set Appointment feature

Prospects and policyholders can take advantage of Set Appointment feature in the GloveBox app by following these steps.

  1. Open the GloveBox app, and navigate to the My GloveBox home screen.

  2. Click the arrow in the top right-hand corner to access the Agency Details screen.

  3. From here, click Set Appointment to open up the agency's appointment calendar.

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Set Appointment feature for Elite Agents

This feature is uniquely suited for agents and agencies that are leveraging GloveBox Elite Agent platforms. Elite Agents have the ability to add their personal calendar link to their own GloveBox platform, allowing policyholders to easily book time to meet with their agent.