What is the Client Rollout Campaign?

The Client Rollout campaign is the primary way your clients are invited to connect and start managing policies with GloveBox.

One of the most important components of your Client Experience Platform is the Client Rollout campaign.

On your selected Launch date, GloveBox deploys an SMS and email campaign to introduce your new platform to your clients. These messages touch on all the different ways that your clients can use the platform and the benefits they receive by using it.

When we receive your updated AMS client list, all new policyholders are put through the rollout campaign. Once you’ve set up your AMS client list and picked a launch date, we recommend that your agency uses our Client Script to announce GloveBox to your policyholders and prepare them for the Client Rollout campaign.

How many touch points are there?

In the Client Rollout Campaign, one text message and 6 emails go out to your policyholders. These include initial invitation to get started using GloveBox, as well as reminders about claiming their account. Once a client connects, they are removed from the rollout campaign and will no longer receive these email invitations.

What is the messaging used in the rollout campaign?

The messages in the rollout emails and texts contains a very brief overview of GloveBox capabilities, along with your agency’s custom ClientHub link. You can view the specific messages we send on an agencies behalf, at the links below:

Text Message


Why is the rollout campaign important?

The client rollout campaign offers a very low-touch way for your agency to share your new management tools with their clients. While you can utilize more hands-on features such as New Client Invite in GloveBoxHQ, the rollout campaign enables unengaged clients to access their policy information without requiring your agency's assistance. This maximizes the number of policyholders that are able to self-service.

How can clients unsubscribe?

If your client no longer wishes to receive these rollout emails or other marketing communication from GloveBox, they may easily unsubscribe by using the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of any GloveBox email. If your client wishes to opt out of text notifications, they can reply to a client rollout text message with “STOP.”

What if I want to opt my agency out of the rollout campaign?

Agencies have the ability to opt out of the email and/or text GloveBox rollout campaign, although we do not recommend it. We have painstakingly crafted engaging and effective messages to share GloveBox with your policyholders, so there’s no need to change it. In the event you still want to opt out, please reach out to your Agency Success Manager and they will make sure to cease further rollout messages.