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Make An Impression with Custom Quote Capture

Adding a custom quote capture to your existing GloveBox platform is one of the many ways that agencies can create a complete end-to-end digital experience for their policyholders.

GloveBox makes it easy for policyholders to get in touch with you, but you can optimize every part of the process.

Once onboarding has been completed, GloveBox agency partners are provided with everything needed to offer policyholders a complete self-service experience. This includes custom typeforms for features like Get A Quote and Request Service that allow prospects and clients to share their information and get help from their agency. However, GloveBox's plug-and-play system allows for seamless compatibility with other specialized technology, enabling agencies to take the client’s digital experience to a new level, while saving time and energy.

Adding a custom quote capture to your existing GloveBox self-service platform is just one of the many ways that agencies can create a complete end-to-end digital experience.

GloveBox agency partners that connect a dedicated Quote Capture platform experience a 152% increase in quote requests through GloveBox.

What is a Quote Capture?

Quote capture platforms are dedicated technology for collecting and compiling prospective client information. These platforms automating the time-intensive, manual, or redundant steps of the info gathering process. While some quote captures use a basic form to consolidate client information, others are robust systems that can locate and pull in existing policyholder information, and integrate with platforms such as raters.

Why should my agency use a custom Quote Capture?

Streamline manual agency processes

The rapid data collection afforded by these sophisticated platforms creates a more efficient, user-friendly quoting experience for both agencies and prospects. When using technology to collect client info more efficiently, your team no longer needs to spend unnecessary time on the phone or manually inputting redundant information.

Integrations offer even more efficiency

The integration capabilities of quote captures allow client information to be directly input into a rater, saving more time saved for the agency that would otherwise be spent manually transcribing this information.

Create memorable, positive first impressions for new clients

One of the best reasons to use a quote capture is the streamlined experience this gives new clients, and the positive impression that can be achieved from this. GloveBox is an excellent referral tool for agents and their agency partners, and Get A Quote is the primary workflow for prospects that get referred via the app.

A dedicated quote capture can help to ensure that new clients have the best agency experience possible from the start.

How can my agency add a custom quote capture to GloveBox?

GloveBox's flexible system makes it very easy for agency owners to add their own dedicated quote capture.

To add a custom quote capture to GloveBox:

  1. From GloveBoxHQ, click navigate to the Agency Details tab.
  2. Navigate to the Capture Links tab..
  3. Replace the TypeForm link in the Quote Capture field with the share link for your agency's quote capture.
    Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 12.49.58 PM

Now, when an app user clicks the Get A Quote button in the GloveBox app, this button will take prospects directly to the dedicated quote capture. 

How can Elite Agents take advantage of this?

The customized Elite Agent platforms provide your agents with a highly personalized tool for managing their own policyholders and referrals. Agents can further upgrade this by incorporating technology of their choosing, outside of agency-provided tools.

In the same way that an agency's dedicated quote capture can be added their primary GloveBox platform, Elite Agents can add their personal quote capture via GloveBoxHQ to their own GloveBox. This allows prospect information to come directly to the agent themselves, while service requests can still be fielded to agency service teams or their own CSRs. Again, this creates an even more personalized, streamlined quoting experience for new prospects when connecting with an agent referred via GloveBox.

What are some examples of Quote Capture platforms?




SALT* SALT uses basic policyholder data to locate additional available details to get a quote started. This information is input into an integrated rater, providing quotes without excess redundant data entry by the agent. Applied, EzLynx, and Vertafore
Canopy Connect Policyholders use their carrier login credentials to easily import policy data for accurate quoting.
Saves time and reduces phone calls for both policyholders and agents.
AgencyZoom, EZLynx, Better Agency, Salesforce, and more
PL Rating A rater that enables policyholders to "do it themselves". Prospects input their information directly into the rater, and can receive quotes in real-time. Prospect data is also saved in a client database. AgencyZoom, Applied, Hawksoft, and more

*SALT is an official GloveBox partner. To get more information or set up a demo, visit their website or email them at glovebox@saltinsure.com.

Final Thoughts

When implemented and embraced, these cutting-edge technologies can have a dramatic impact in saving agencies time, reducing service costs, keeping data better organized, and elevating the entire experience for your team and for your customers.