Deleting your GloveBox Account

Information on how to purge all of your data from GloveBox.

It is our standard practice to automatically delete GloveBox user accounts immediately after being requested. GloveBox is required by law to have a process that can completely purge user PII (personal identifiable information) from it's servers.. This is information containing but not limited to: 

  • Name: first name, last name, or alias
  • Personal address information: street address, or email address
  • Personal telephone numbers
  • Information identifying personally owned property: ie. VIN number


How Does the Erasure Request Work? 

  • By deleting your account, you will permanently lose access to your account activity, preferences and more.

  • You may always log back into or the iOS or Android app and create a new account to start again. 


How To Delete Your Account?


1. When logged into GloveBox, navigate to the lower left corner of the webpage 

2. Click on your profile photo/Initials 

3. Next to Communication Preferences click on the 3 dot menu (meatball menu) 

4. Click Purge Data & Account and confirm



1. In the upper right corner, tap on your profile photo/initials 

2. Tap Personalization

3. Tap the 3 dot menu (meatball menu)

4. Tap Purge Data & Account and confirm



1. In the upper right corner, tap on your profile photo/initials

2. Tap Personalization

3. Tap the 3 dot menu (meatball menu)

4. Tap Purge Account and confirm


Once confirmed, the user is returned to the login screen, where they can create a completely new account by either logging in with their phone or email. This creates a completely new userID in the GloveBox system. 

If you'd like to delete your account, please visit GloveBox and login to request the full erasure following the instructions above. You may alternatively email and request your included information be deleted. 


What Happens Now?

On the backend, our support specialists receive the request for erasure and proceed with the steps to execute the action in full. This results in processes that removes all user entered data from GloveBox servers along with email and text campaigns. After completion, an automated email is created and sent to the user's contact information contained in the request. This fulfills the erasure and the issue is closed.