Add a Custom Agency Branded "Download Our App" Button to Your Email Signature

Creating a "Download Our App" button that you and your team can add to your email signatures is key to driving adoption for your agency.

    Note: To add GloveBox to your email signature, you will need your agency's custom login link. You can get this from the app (Refer Agency), GloveBoxHQ with the ClientHub Link or from your Agency Success Manager.

    To add the Agency branded "Download Our App" button to your email signature:

    • Create a nice looking, agency branded "button" to live on or under your email signature.
    • Save your button image to your desktop (right click > Save Image As).
    • Open your email settings and navigate to the email signature settings.
    • Upload or drag your agency branded button image from your desktop into the signature field (you may need to resize it).
    • Right-click or highlight the image in the signature field and click the link icon.
    • Hyperlink it to your agency's custom login link.
    • Save!
    Make sure to send a test email to confirm the button shows up correctly!