How can clients file a claim?

There are several ways policyholders can interact with their carriers from GloveBox. Understand how policyholders can file a claim through GloveBox.

GloveBox users can easily file a claim directly through a carrier from the GloveBox app. **The app directs policyholders to the carrier's online Claims Center page without needing to leave the GloveBox platform.

Note: Due to varying online capabilities among carriers, this may not be available for every carrier.

GBU How can clients file a claim

To file a claim:

  1. Open the carrier card of the carrier you wish to file a claim through.
  2. Most carriers require the policy number in order to start a claim. Agency clients can click the blue clipboard next to the policy number to copy this for ease of use.
  3. Select Make A Claim from the carrier screen to be directed to the carrier’s online Claims Center.

From here, follow the steps outlined by the carrier to complete the claim.

The Make A Claim feature can also be accessed from the Policy card directly (My GloveBox home screen > Carrier card > Policy Details)

GBU How can clients file a claim copy

This experience can vary across carriers. For some carriers, the policyholder will need to have registered carrier login credentials to file a claim. For other carriers, policyholders may only be required to input their policy number or policyholder details.