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Getting Started with GloveBox

Your Agency has decided to start using GloveBox to help your clients self-service. Here are the basics.

GloveBox provides your clients with an all-in-one platform that is white labeled with your agency's own branding which keeps it “top of mind” with your clients. Once connected to GloveBox, your clients:

  • Have access to insurance documents either through integration, embedded carrier experience, or agent initiated document upload
  • Have access to bill a pay capabilities, requesting service and filing claims
  • Can easily refer your agency to friends and family

The GloveBox Client Experience Platform seamlessly brings together policyholders, agencies, and carriers into a single agency-branded platform, elevating your agency's self-service capabilities to a whole new level. By leveraging AMS client data, we are able to present your policyholders with their carriers, their policy numbers, and all the information they need to view/manage their policies.

ClientHub: Client Facing

Through the GloveBox platform, policyholders can engage with their agency and with their carriers from a single platform. They can request service from their agency and also address carrier-related tasks such as filing claims and paying bills without ever leaving your platform. To get started, all they need to do is click your ClientHub Link, which can be attached to an email signature, a website login portal, or shared from the app (you may request this from your Agency Success Manager). GloveBox has native apps on both iPhone and Android platforms and a dedicated web experience (ClientHub) for those who wish to use GloveBox from their computer or tablet.

Engaging with your Agency

GloveBox users have multiple options for engaging with their agency. In addition to having all of the agency contact information in one place, they may also use the app to:

  • Request a quote

  • Request service

  • Book an appointment with their agent

  • Refer their agency to a friend/family member or a potential new client 

Engaging with Carriers

In addition to easily communicating and getting help from their agency, policyholders can also manage their policies and connect with their carriers. GloveBox users can:

  • Locate policy numbers

  • Login to view/download policy data and documents

  • File a claim

  • Pay their bill

  • Access multiple carriers and carrier login portals from a single technology.

GloveBoxHQ: Agency Facing

This is your dashboard for all things GloveBox. Here is where you (the agent, CSR, owner, and anyone else on your team who will be using GloveBox) are going to spend the bulk of your time outside of quoting. From GloveBoxHQ you can:

  • Access your agency's GloveBox users and view their GloveBox accounts

  • Invite new prospects/clients Learn more
  • View Agency metrics and better understand how much GloveBox is saving your agency 
  • Upload policy documents to each individual user who may have a carrier that isn't yet integrated with GloveBox Learn more
  • Invite your team members to ensure they can help your clients with their self-service needs Learn more

  • Add Elite Agents and add branches/locations. Learn more

  • Access resources to help you get more out of GloveBox

  • Chat directly with the GloveBox Agency Success Team

How can I learn more about GloveBox?

We have provided you with a ton of tools to help you learn how to get the most out of GloveBox. Start by searching here in GloveBox University!