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Making the Most of Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to keep GloveBox top of mind with your current policyholders and referral partners, while also generating new business. Use social to remind clients about how easily they can get help through your agency's app.

Use social media to announce GloveBox

The first step to leverage social media to ensure that you announce your new technology on social media outlets. You can make an announcement on launch day, or create a campaign to tease the new technology that will be coming soon to your policyholders.

Give each platform a specific purpose.

Many people look to Facebook for local business referrals and recommendations, so make sure to establish your presence here to connect with clients and prospects. Meanwhile, you may be connected with many of your agency referral partners on LinkedIn. You can use this platform to promote the unique benefits of using GloveBox for referrals. You can read more about this here.

Using Social Media to attract new customers

Social Media is an easy, affordable way to generate new business. Investing time into your online presence will help your agency to get attention and drive new prospects. Here are some ways to use social media to generate buzz:

  • Provide useful facts and information to establish your agency as a valuable online resource
  • Run contests to increase your following and attract leads/referrals
  • Connect with industry experts to get insight around industry hot topics
  • Encourage your audience to share your posts
  • Create /share fun, memorable content, and stay consistent with your brand, voice, & posting (Be sure to advantage of the GloveBox graphics provided in the Resources tab in HQ).

Final social media tips

Social media promotion can be intimidating, but it does not have to be complicated! Your only presence simply requires a little attention and consistency. Here are some additional tips successfully promote your agency's app using social media:

  • Carve out time in your schedule for social media posts
  • Build a content calendar at the beginning of the week/month, dedicating posts to specific app features
  • Get other team members involved with social media planning and posting
  • Remind your audience of the benefits of using your self-service platform!
  • Make it easy it is to refer a friend on FaceBook by including your Connect Link on your posts.