How to Manage/Update Your GloveBox Payment.

Agency owners can update their credit card information in HQ. There is also a new paid in full discount open to ALL agency clients!

Updating payment method

Agency owners can manage their billing information from the Billing tab in HQ. You can keep multiple credit cards on file with GloveBox, but you must have at least one. A credit card cannot be removed from the account until a new one has been added.

To add/update a credit card:

  1. From the Billing tab in HQ, click Add card from the Cards section on the right-hand side.
  2. Enter your credit card details, then click Add.
To remove a credit card:
  1. Once a new card has been added to the Cards sections, click Remove card below the card you would like to remove.
  2. From the pop-up display (shown below), click the red Remove card button to remove.
  3. Click Done to confirm credit card removal.

Paid in Full Discount

We now offer a paid in full discount for ALL agency clients. This 10% discount can be fully realized even if you are already in the middle of your current term. Please reach out to your Agency Success Manager and they will create a new 12 month invoice with the 10% discount included. 

Invoices (Past and Present)

All invoices ever created are available for your records on the Billing tab in HQ as well. You are always able to refer back to any billing term's invoice as well as being able to view your upcoming payment invoice as well.