Manage Your Team Members In GloveBoxHQ

Adding your team to GloveBoxHQ will enable them to manage your policyholders' GloveBox accounts, connect with Agency Success, and access GBU tools and resources. Here's how to invite and remove team members via the Team Members tab.

Agency team members cannot use GloveBoxHQ to manage policyholders until they have been invited to join by an Owner/Admin. Make sure to invite your team to join your agency so they have full access to all of the features offered in GloveBoxHQ.

Team Members Tab

Owners and Admins can invite team members to join in GloveBoxHQ, view all invited team members, revoke invitations, and identify accepted, pending, and expired invites.

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Adding Team Members


To invite a team member, click Invite a Team Member from the top-left corner of the Team page. Provide their email address, select their role and select Invite Team Member.

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Once the invitation has been sent, the team member will appear with an invitation status of Pending. If the team member does not see their invite, the invite can be re-sent or revoked.

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Invitations must be accepted within 7 days, otherwise it will Expire and the team member will be unable to access the agency's GloveBoxHQ until the invitation is resent and accepted. You can always Resend an invite to an expires or revoked invite.


Removing Team Members

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If you would like to remove an accepted team member from your agency's GloveBoxHQ, simply select Remove Member. This will immediately remove this team member's GloveBoxHQ access.