Refreshing Data from Your Insurance Carrier

Once a policyholder has been connected to their carrier, policyholder data is automatically updated / refreshed nightly in GloveBox. Occasionally, policyholder data may not auto-refresh. Learn how to manually refresh the data.

GBU  How can clients refresh connected carrier data (1)Connected carriers & automatic data refresh

For integrated carriers, once the carrier connection is established, this connection remains (indicated by the green Sync status displayed on the carrier screen) and information is routinely updated. Users will not need to log in again to access policy information.

GloveBox automatically pulls data nightly to ensure the most up-to-date information is being displayed. In some instances, policyholder data may not auto-refresh.

Refresh policy data manually

If a GloveBox user is not seeing the most accurate policyholder information for a connected carrier, and the data doesn't not seem to be refreshing automatically, the connection can be manually refreshed. To manually refresh the policy data, click the green Sync status from the carrier screen.

GBU  How can clients refresh connected carrier data copyRemove and reconnect carrier

If clicking Sync still does not present up-to-date policy information, disconnect and reconnect the carrier using the following steps. From the carrier screen (My GloveBox > Carrier card):

  1. From the bottom of the screen, click Disconnect from GloveBox.
  2. Click Disconnect the carrier from GloveBox from the pop-up confirmation screen.GBU  How can clients refresh connected carrier data
  3. Manually add the carrier  (Note: it will show up on the My GloveBox home screen if there is policyholder data available from the agency's client list report).
  4. Connect to the carrier to re-establish the carrier connection.

Reconnecting this way will typically pull the most up-to-date carrier data in the case that the manual refresh attempts fail.

Still not seeing accurate, up-to-date carrier information? Reach out to Agency Success via the Help Desk chat for further troubleshooting.