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Request a New Feature in GloveBox

The GloveBox product team wants to hear from you! Let us know what enhancements to GloveBoxHQ, ClientHub, and the Mobile Apps would make a difference for your agency.

GloveBox uses Canny to manage product requests from our customers. You can access our Canny board at this link.

Request a new feature

To request a new feature, navigate to the top of the Canny page. Give your idea a name and provide our team with a brief description. If you have screenshots or other details you want to provide, you're welcome to include any attachments. 

When you're ready, click 'Post Feature.' This will publish your suggestion and make it visible to both the GloveBox Product Team and other GloveBox users. These other users can upvote your idea, making it clear to the GloveBox team what would be most valuable for our agencies. 


Upvote another feature request

Canny allows for you to vote on ideas that have been submitted by other GloveBox users. You can review the ideas submitted by others by scrolling on the Canny page and using the different sort options. 

Canny will also show which ideas GloveBox's team has taken action on based on your feedback. To upvote an idea, simply click on the up-vote arrow and number to add a vote for the idea. GloveBox-HQ-GloveBox upvote

You may be prompted to sign in to Canny or create an account. Completing those steps will allow for you to successfully submit and upvote ideas. You can also comment on your idea or another person's using the comment icon.

Review the status of a feature request

The GloveBox product team will categorize feature requests upon reviewing them.

  • Under review - the idea has been submitted and is pending a path forward from the GloveBox team.
  • Planned - this is a feature request we will be implementing, though it is not yet being worked on.
  • In Progress - the GloveBox team is actively working to implement the feature request.
  • Completed - the GloveBox team has completed work and the feature is now available within the GloveBox platforms.