Requesting Service as a Policyholder

Understand how policyholders can submit requested policy changes using the in-app "Request Service" feature.

The easiest way for your clients to request policy changes is to use the Request Service feature right in the GloveBox platform.


Request Service feature

To use the Request Service feature:


  1. Open GloveBox and navigate to the My GloveBox home screen.
  2. Click the Request Service button from the carousel.
  3. From here, there is a comprehensive service request form that can be completed by policyholders.




From the Request Service form, policyholders can get help with a variety of policy types. Policyholders can provide details relevant to the specific request type, and as well as their preferred method of communication to ensure convenient agency follow-up.

Once submitted, a copy of the request form is emailed to the agency and to the policyholder.

Policyholders can easily confirm their request was submitted and verify the information provided. Upon receipt of this service request form, the agency can complete the request, following up with the client once the requested changes/updates have been made.

What does this feature solve?

The GloveBox Request Service feature allows policyholders to easily and conveniently submit comprehensive service requests to their agency 24/7 directly from the app (and many devices), without needing to pick up the phone to make a call.

This approach serves to:

  • Establish a high-quality customer service experience for your clients.
  • Eliminate back and forth email and phone exchanges between agents/CSRs and policyholders, freeing up valuable agency time and resources.
  • Provide agencies with details needed to complete service requests in a streamlined way, making completing these requests easy and convenient for both your team members and your policyholders.