The GloveBox Guide for Sales Teams

GloveBox provides unique benefits for agents on the sales side, for both existing policyholders and new prospects. This article introduces the GloveBox features and need-to-know items to improve your sales process and make your clients happier.

The GloveBox Guide for Sales Teams

Tip: If you are brand new to all this, please check out A Complete Overview of GloveBox.

This article covers the following topics:

  1. Why should I use GloveBox as part of my sales process
  2. How do clients and prospects get started with GloveBox

  3. Manage clients/prospects in GloveBoxHQ

  4. Key features for sales

  5. GloveBox Sales Best Practices
  6. Step-by-Step for using GloveBox in your sales process

  7. What is an Elite Agent and why is it valuable

Why should I use GloveBox as part of the sales process?

  • It provides clients with a robust self-service option which elevates their entire client experience
  • Provides complete policy management capability across multiple policies/carriers which maximizes cross-selling opportunities
  • The referral tool provides an easy-to-use, straightforward way for clients and referral partners to refer your agency
  • The simple quote capture makes connecting with your agency a breeze for prospects.
  • Use technology to review prospect carrier data for thoughtful, informed X-date follow-up.

How do clients/prospects get started with GloveBox?

There are a variety of ways that new users can access GloveBox.

The best way to get a new user started is to invite them from GloveBoxHQ with Client Invites. This can be done for both new clients and existing policyholders.

They can use a "Download Our App" button that can be easily added to your email signature, visit the client login portal on the agency website, or simply accept a referral link that was sent to them.

Tip: Be sure to go through GloveBox as a user to understand this experience!



To setup GloveBox, clients/prospects can follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the login link/button and Click Launch
  2. Use their email address to login to GloveBox
  3. Input the unique emailed PIN to verify contact information (no username/password required)

From here, your app users can add/login to their carriers, register login credentials, or connect with your agency.

Once connected, GloveBox app users can manage all of their policies in one place, and from HQ, agents can view connected carrier information for apples-to-apples quoting.  Learn more about how policyholders connect.


Manage clients/prospects in HQ

GloveBoxHQ is your dashboard for your managing clients and GloveBox app users. To access, you will need to first accept an invite from your Agency Success Manager or the agency owner/admin. Haven’t received your invite? Learn more about this here.

From GloveBoxHQ, see which clients have yet to connect to GloveBox and view policy documents/information for clients/prospects who have connected their carriers, and invite new users to get started.

Client_Detail_-_Personal_-_Activity_and_Documents_1Access policyholder information from Clients Search in GloveBoxHQ

GloveBoxHQ provides several features for agency teams, including a robust Client Search that enables agency team members to view both AMS policyholder information and GloveBox app user data all in one place.

Use Clients search to...

  • Review connected policy information from prospects for apples-to-apples quoting and thoughtful X-date follow-up.
  • Assist existing clients with GloveBox setup so policyholders are all set to easily self-service.
  • View any connected policies/carriers that aren’t not associated with your agency. This is an incredible opportunity to cross sell your current clients! 

To use Clients search:

  1. Navigate to GloveBoxHQ > Clients tab > Search.
  2. Input the name or contact info the field.
  3. Click the listing from the Clients page list view to open their client profile.
  4. From here, you can invite policyholders to use GloveBox, view connected carriers/policies, or assist with carrier connections along with uploading policy documents so they're ready to view when the client logs in.


Key App Features for Sales Teams

Referral partners and existing clients can use the Refer Agency feature to easily share your agency with potential new clients. From here, new clients can connect to GloveBox and easily get a quote.

Refer Agency

Teach referral partners and clients to use the Refer Agency feature with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Open GloveBox.
  2. Tap on Refer Agency
  3. Have them click the app you'd like them to send the referral too.

The client or referral partner can then share your agency's custom GloveBox Referral Link to enable a new user to get started.


Request A Quote

The GloveBox quote capture is a great tool for both new and existing clients as well as referral partners to easily get a quote from you! We gather some basic information about the desired quote type, and this information is delivered right to your inbox, allowing for quick follow up! Referral partners can even specify if they would like you to reach out to the client directly, or if they just want to get the quote themselves.

    To use the Request A Quote feature:

    1. Open GloveBox.
    2. Select the Request A Quote 
    From here, there is a short form that can be completed by current clients, prospective clients, and referral partners. 

    Other helpful features:

    Request Service

    Whether you service your own clients, or have a dedicated CSR team, this feature streamlines service request inquiries and delivers all of the necessary details right to you or your team. Clients may request policy changes 24/7 without ever picking up the phone. Easy for clients, easy for agencies.

    Carrier-Specific Policy Management

    With the GloveBox carrier connections, your clients have their policy number right on hand and can use this to easily register login credentials, and from here, they can Pay Bills, File Claims, and access policy documents/data right from their carrier without needing to reach out to you or your team.


    GloveBox Best Practices for Sales

    • Share the app with prospects so they can connect with you easily and connect their policies! Once they have connected their carrier info, use this information for easy quoting!
    • Tell existing clients about the app on every call, so they know to use your technology to handle simple, non-revenue generating requests. This frees up your time to focus on selling!
    • Train referral partners to use GloveBox and refer to this as the primary mode of sending prospects to you. Referral partners can even request quotes on behalf of their clients. 

    Step-by-Step for using GloveBox in your sales process

    When connecting with new prospects:

    1. On your call/email, invite the prospect to connect to your GloveBox by sending them your ClientHub link, directing them to your email signature, or using the Refer Your Agency button in your own app. Encourage them to explore!
    2. From GloveBoxHQ, Launch the prospect's GloveBox, and manually add their carriers. 
    3. If it's an integrated carrier, invite them to connect to GloveBox and login to their carriers (they can even register login credentials if necessary) to import their policy data/documents.
    4. You can then view policy information on the GloveBoxHQ Client Profile page.
    5. With this, you can easily quote them based on the imported policy document information.

    After getting a new client's policies issued:

    1. Send them the ClientHub link and ask them to launch GloveBox.
    2. Manually add their carriers.
    3. Register login credentials, and login/connect to integrated carriers.
    4. Use document upload to add any policies manually for unsupported carriers.
    5. Once setup, tell your new policyholder to claim their GloveBox and provide them with their new login credentials along with their temporary documents.

    For existing policyholders:

    On every call, ask/tell your policyholders about your app. Make it clear that policyholders can use your technology to handle several requests.

    • If they don’t have a GloveBox account setup, create account in GloveBoxHQ, connect any carriers as necessary, and ask them to claim their GloveBox from the ClientHub link!
    • If they already have the app, help them connect their carriers and upload their documents.
    • Show them how to pay bills, file claims, and request service from your agencies.

    What is an Elite Agent and why is it valuable?

    For Agents, the Elite Agent product is a must!  This will give you your own, personalized GloveBox platform to share with your clients. You can easily track your own leads, while having a couple options for servicing!

    Benefits of being an Elite Agent

    • Your Elite Agent platform can include your personal contact information, so all Sales/ Quote Requests come directly to you, allowing you to easily track your own leads and clients. 
    • If you service you own clients, you can streamline your own service inquiries and have all of the information you need to complete the request delivered in a single document in your inbox.
    • If you utilize the agency’s service team or have your own CSR, you can also have the service inquiries directed to your service team/CSR.