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Client Rollout Campaign - Text Message

Here is the text message your client receives during the rollout.

Rollout Message

Below you will find the specifics on the text message GloveBox sends to your clients on your behalf to get them connected and using your new Client Experience Platform.

GloveBox schedules the following text messages to go out between 12pm and 6pm EST.*


Text Message 1

Great news! Your account in the [Agency Name] mobile app is ready. The mobile app is free for valued clients. Activating and managing your account is effortless with streamlined policy management: [Agency ClientHub Link]



*There are small occurrences when mobile carriers will hold these messages and deliver them either earlier or later but we are doing our best to ensure we don’t disturb your client’s after hours.

Messages are sent out introducing them to the Agency GloveBox along with a following message with the individual connect link. In some cases carriers do not fully deliver the ClientHub link to the client and in that event, please share the agency ClientHub link from the Overview tab in GloveBoxHQ.