The Elite Agent Onboarding Checklist

To take full advantage of the Elite Agent platform, follow these steps to ensure complete setup.

  1. Provide a clear, professional headshot to the GloveBox team.

    The first step to onboarding as an Elite Agent is providing your headshot! This headshot will be displayed in the app, along with your name and contact information. Make sure that you present yourself in the best light.

  2. Connect with your Agency Success Manager (ASM) to set up your client data.

    Ensuring that your policyholders' AMS data is correctly “mapped” to GloveBox is key to completing account setup. Reach out to your ASM to confirm any details needed for this. If you are unsure of your ASM’s email address, you can use Help Desk (accessible via the blue chat icon in HQ and GBU) to connect with Agency Success.

  3. Update your contact information on the Overview page.

    Confirm the phone number and email address that you want sales and service requests to be sent to. Decide if you would like to use SMS messaging. If you utilize a custom Quote Capture, make sure to add this to the capture links section to connect it to the in-app Get A Quote feature.

  4. Invite CSRs to join GloveBoxHQ via the Team page.

    Once you’ve setup your Elite Agent platform, confirm that the members of your service team have been invited to join GloveBoxHQ. Upon accepting their invite, they can begin helping your policyholders to self-service and manage policies using GloveBox.

  5. Familiarize yourself with the app features.

    Take time to login to the GloveBox app to explore the in-app features such as Get A Quote, Request Service, and Refer Agent. Download the native app so that you can see the custom branded app icon, and easily access the Refer Agent feature.

  6. Start inviting your policyholders to join GloveBox using the Client Invite feature.

    Use Client Invite to get a few policyholders setup, so you familiarize yourself with how to setup new clients. From here, you can begin to build your own client onboarding for your self-service platform.

  7. Promote your platform!

    The trick to a successful self-service experience is to make sure that your policyholders know what it is and how to use it! Make it a point to share your app with all of your clients, and help them to get setup. This will save you and your team time and effort down the road!

  8. Refer to the resources in GBU!

    Take advantage of resources such as these here in GBU, live training events, and the Agency Success Live Chat to get any additional support for your GloveBox platform.

    Some things to keep in mind with the Elite Agent platform:

    • If you are a new Elite Agent at a current GloveBox agency, it is likely that some of your clients will already be connected via the agency’s main platform. Once client data has been set up, these clients will be prompted to connect to your Elite Agent platform.