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Updating Your Agency’s Client Portal to GloveBox - Email Campaign

Your agency may have previously used another client experience software, and we've crafted this campaign to assist you in letting your policyholders know that you've transitioned over to GloveBox.

Although GloveBox runs a rollout campaign as part of your agency onboarding, your agency may find value in reaching out to policyholders ahead of this. 

Reaching out in advance can be helpful to set the tone of the change for your policyholders, and it can also assist in driving initial policyholder adoption of your new client portal. Sending an email in advance is particularly helpful in the event that your agency is transitioning from another client experience portal over to GloveBox.


As a best practice, you can use the following email script to let your customers know about the transition from your current portal to GloveBox. We recommend that you send this email after you've had your kickoff call with your implementation manager, and prior to completing your GloveBox Rollout. 

Be sure to customize this script using your custom GloveBox login/referral link.


Subject: We’ve upgraded to GloveBox! 

Valued Clients,

We’re thrilled to inform you that [Agency Name] has upgraded to GloveBox, an innovative self-service technology designed to enhance your experience managing insurance policies. 

Moving forward, GloveBox will serve as your client experience platform, meaning this is where you’ll go to access your policies and information. 

Our new [Agency Name] app, available on both mobile and web platforms, offers you the following capabilities:

    • Access to Carrier Information: Instantly view your policy documents and ID cards directly through the app.
    • Transactions Made Easy: Pay bills, initiate claims, and request service. 
    • Enhanced Communication: Request policy services through multiple channels for your convenience.
    • Explore More Options: Easily request quotes for additional lines of business.
    • Referrals Simplified: Refer friends and family with just a simple touch.
    • Stay Connected: Engage with us through our website and social media platforms.
    • And Much More!

In the following weeks, you’ll receive an email prompting you to get started with your account. The email will guide you through the account creation process, after which you can download the GloveBox Mobile App from your respective App Store.


And if you’d like to opt out of future notifications from GloveBox, you can select unsubscribe in your welcome email. After you set up your account, GloveBox will remove your email from their announcement list. 


To get a jumpstart on setting up your account, you can access your GloveBox ClientHub at [this link].

We're excited for you to start using our new platform as part of our quest to provide incredible service to our valued customers. 

Warm regards,

[Your Name and Email Signature]