Using GloveBox to Reduce Service Tasks

GloveBox gives policyholders everything they need to easily self-service. They can manage multiple policies, and easily connect with your agency for help. Get started helping your policyholders self-service with GloveBox with this guide.

Tip: If you are brand new to all this, please first check out A Complete Overview of GloveBox.

Here’s an overview of the topics covered:

  1. Why should I use GloveBox to help my policyholders self-service
  2. How do clients get started using GloveBox
  3. Manage clients/prospects in GloveBoxHQ
  4. Key app features for service teams
  5. GloveBox Best Practices for Servicing

1.) Why should I use GloveBox to help clients self-service?

  • Providing clients with a robust self-service option elevates the entire client experience for your agency.
  • Giving your clients an option for self-sufficiency will give you time back to sell more. GloveBox presents clients with everything they need to self-service, minimizing the need to contact the agency directly.
  • An easy-to-use, comprehensive Request Service feature delivers detailed service request information right to your inbox, streamlining these inquiries and eliminating the need for back and forth over phone or email.

2.) How do clients get started using GloveBox?

There are a variety of ways that your clients can access GloveBox, all via your agency's ClientHub link. They can use the link from the invite email from the Rollout emails, click "Download Our App" button from an agency team member's email signature, visit the client login portal on the agency website, or simply open a referral link sent from you, a referral partner, or another client.

3.) Managing clients/prospects in GloveBoxHQ.

GloveBoxHQ is your dashboard for managing your clients and GloveBox app users. To access GloveBoxHQ, you will need to first accept an invite from your Agency Success Manager or the agency owner/admin.

From GloveBoxHQ, see which clients have yet to connect to GloveBox, assist with GloveBox setup and view policy documents/ information for clients who have connected their carriers.

4.) Key App Features For Service Teams

Request Service

Direct your policyholders to use the Request Service form to submit a comprehensive service request. This will streamline service inquiries, delivering all of the information needed to complete the request right to the service team inbox. Clients can request policy changes or other help from you 24/7 without ever picking up the phone! Easy for clients, easy for CSRs. 

Options for Communication

Trust us, your clients don’t want to call you. Based on our metrics from the past  two years, only 3% of clients said they wanted their agent to call them. 97% wanted email or text. GloveBox provides your policyholders with the option to text or submit a request form, enabling them communicate in the method that works best for them! This raises the bar for the overall customer experience.

Policy-Specific Policy Management

Your policyholders can easily select a policy and from here, they can Pay Bills, File Claims, and access policy documents right from their app without needing to reach out to your team.

5.) GloveBox Best Practices for Servicing

On every call to the agency, ask/inform your policyholders about your app. Make it clear that policyholders can use your technology to handle several general service requests.

  • If they don’t have a GloveBox account setup, create account, connect any carriers as necessary, and ask them to accept their invite to GloveBox from the email!
  • If they already have the app, help them to connect their carriers and upload their documents.
  • Show them how to pay bills, file claims, and request service from your agency.