Welcome to GloveBoxHQ

GloveBoxHQ is your complete management hub that's available on web and your mobile device. GloveBoxHQ can assist with account management for existing users and new prospects invited to join your agency.


Note: This view will look different depending on the role of the GloveBoxHQ user. For a full list of roles and permissions in HQ, read more here.

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On the Overview tab you can see a comprehensive view of GloveBox metrics along with recently verified client accounts, and even invite new clients to your platform. Clicking on the Estimate Revenue, Verified Users, AMS Clients and AMS Policies buttons will take you to their respective tabs.


The Clients tab is a unified view of AMS data and GloveBox user information. This is where most of your team’s activity in GloveBox will occur. From the Clients tab, agency team members can access user information and policyholder AMS data, invite new clients/prospects to use GloveBox, and assist clients with their account setup by adding policies and uploading documents.

Elite Agents

The Elite Agent tab is a list of the Elite Agents on your team. The Elite Agent platform is a customized GloveBox experience that can be personalized for use by an individual agent to manage their own book of business exclusively.


From the Team page, invite your agency team members to access GloveBoxHQ. This will enable you and your whole team to manage policyholders that are using your self-service platform, and invite clients/prospects to get started.

Agency Details

On the Agency Details tab, you can copy your ClientHub Link which you can send to any prospect or client who is wanting to be connected to your Agency GloveBox. You may also update your Agency address, phone numbers, emails, your social media links and GloveBoxHQ theme color. Finally, you may update your capture links which house the custom forms that are tied to the in-app Get A Quote and Request Service features. Use may use our agency branded forms, or connect your own. You may also choose to insert a calendar link, allowing clients to book appointments with you..


On the Billing tab, you can download current or past invoices and update payment information.

Help Desk

Your team can use the Help Desk tool to quickly search GBU content, or to connect with your Agency Success Manager for additional help/support.

GBU & Resources

On GloveBox University you can view complete GloveBox support documentation as well as other learning materials, videos, scripts, and step-by-step guides. The Resources page offers even more tools for your agency's self-service success.


Saving GloveBoxHQ to your Phone Home Screen


  1. After visiting hq.gloveboxapp.com and logging in, tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen. This looks like a box with an arrow pointing out the top. 
  2. Once the Share sheet pops up, scroll down until you see "Add to Home Screen."
  3. Tap that then you are free to rename it to whatever you'd like. By default it's named GloveBoxHQ. 
  4. Once you've finished naming it, tap "Add."


  1. After visiting hq.gloveboxapp.com and logging in, tap the "meatball" menu (three vertical dots in the top right corner). 
  2. Once the menu appears, tap on "Install App." 
  3. The app icon on your Home Screen ready for quick access.