AMS Data and How Policies Are Filtered in GloveBox.

Whether it's active, canceled, or expired, GloveBox data cleaning filters for policies makes it simple for clients to see their current active policies.

The ways in which active policies are labeled varies greatly across AMS systems. Some systems even allow additional labels/statuses to be applied to active policies. When cleaning and filtering AMS client lists, we take the “active” vs. “inactive” policy status with a grain of salt.

In order to accurately filter policies during the data cleaning process, we rely on policy expiration dates to make an active/inactive status determination. For example, some client lists may show several policies listed as “Active” policies, however if the expiration date has already passed, these policies are filtered out to prevent expired policies from being displayed in GloveBox.

Please note that for integrated carriers, although we will not present expired policy information in GloveBox, once a client connects to the carrier, expired policy documents may be included among the documents that get imported into the client’s GloveBox.

In order to remove an AMS policy from GloveBox, you will need to make sure the policy is removed from your data BEFORE it is sent over to us for import into GloveBox. If a policy is removed from your data, the next time the client goes to check their GloveBox, that AMS policy will have been removed.