The GloveBox Glossary

All of the commonly encountered terms that you'll see/hear when setting up and implementing GloveBox!

Connected (e.g. connected policyholder, connected carrier): If a user is connected to a carrier in GloveBox, this means that the login credentials have been used to login with an integrated carrier and data is flowing from the carrier directly into GloveBox. Policy data and documents will show up right in the user's GloveBox once they are connected!

Elite Agent: The GloveBox Elite Agent platform provides individual producers within your agency with their own additional, completely personalized GloveBox Agent platforms. This can also be used to set up multiple agency locations/branches, so that policyholders can see the contact information for the branch where their policy was written.

Embedded (embedded carrier): If a carrier is not integrated with GloveBox, this is our other means of connection. In the embedded portal experience, we pull the carrier's existing client login portal and embed it right within the GloveBox platform. Users can still access their policy documents via the carrier's client login portal, but they can do this without ever leaving the GloveBox platform. In HQ, these are shown as "unsupported carriers" and indicated by a gray circle icon, since we cannot "support" policy data for these carriers.

Your GloveBox management dashboard! View your policyholders and GloveBox users, update your agency contact information/logo, and add your agency team members as well as elite agents. You can also access various resources to help maximize your GloveBox usage, search GBU to find information, and even chat directly with the Agency Success Team.

Integration (integrated carrier, AMS integration): Custom plugins that we have built that allow us to direct to different AMS systems and carrier systems. An integration allows us to easily connect and automatically pull in data to GloveBox. For AMS data, this means we can easily pull policyholder data from the agency's AMS system, with no need to receive a manually sent client list each week. For carrier integrations, this allows us to import, and store policy data/documents right in the client's GloveBox and in HQ.

Launch Day: The selected date on which we kick off the GloveBox rollout campaign, and begin announcing your platform to your clients.

Login Link: This link is used to setup your website login portal or the "Download Our App" button for your email signature. This unique link allows any clients and prospects to easily connect right to your Agency’s GloveBox on any device. Through this link, existing GloveBox users are also able to connect to their designated GloveBox platform. For example, this is especially valuable if your agency has multiple locations or Elite Agents; this link will allow the user to connect with their own writing agent/branch, eliminating the need for a separate login for each agent/branch.

Rollout: The initial 8-week email/text campaign inviting your clients to get started using GloveBox. We send about 6 emails, and 3 text messages each with unique messaging about various GloveBox features. After the initial 8-week Rollout Welcome Campaign, your policyholders are moved to a monthly touchpoint email campaign. They can easily unsubscribe from this via the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of each email, or by texting "STOP".

User: A GloveBox user means anyone that has connected to the GloveBox platform. This could be either a policyholder, prospect or referral but it simply means that they have "launched" GloveBox using a phone number or email address.