Where's My Pin? Quarantine? Spam? Junk Mail?

If you didn't receive your secure pin in your email after logging into GloveBox, it's possible it's being quarantined by your email server.

When a secure pin from GloveBox is sent to your email, some providers send it to spam or junk mail. In other instances, your agency email filter will quarantine this message until approved and marked "safe" by your IT Professional.

To prevent this from happening in the future, right click the email in the spam/junk mail inbox and mark it as "Not Spam." Many email providers will also allow you to designate the send as a Safe Sender.

Not seeing your secure pin in spam/junk mail folder?

Try adding noreply@gloveboxapp.com as an email contact in your address book! Read more about "whitelisting" email addresses here if you are having issues receiving GloveBox email communication.