Policyholder Not Seeing Carriers/Policy Numbers In GloveBox.

If a policyholder is not seeing their carriers or policy numbers in GloveBox, first confirm that the policyholder has connected to GloveBox using a phone/email which matches the phone/email on file in your AMS system. If a policyholder connects to GloveBox with information that is not consistent with AMS data, their carriers or policy numbers will not be displayed accurately.

If they are missing one carrier of many, check your AMS to make sure that all of their policies have consistent contact info on the policyholder’s file. If a policyholder has different email addresses associated with different policies, they will only see the ones that are associated with the email used to launch GloveBox.

Next Steps

Ask the client to logout of GloveBox and re-connect using the contact info associated with their AMS data and upon logging in, they should immediately see accurate policy information.


If the contact information on file in your AMS system is no longer valid or up-to-date, update this information in your AMS to reflect accurate policyholder contact info. Their carriers/policy numbers will show up in GloveBox after a new client list is sent over and imported.