Product Release Notes - June 7th, 2024

Our team has been hard at work making improvements to GloveBoxHQ, ClientHub, and Mobile Apps through bug fixes, new features, and enhancements to the products. Here's what changed this week.

Resolution to Nationwide Documents Pulling Into GloveBox

Previously, when a client with a Nationwide policy connected through the carrier via Active Policy Monitoring, attempts to open or access those policy documents would fail. We’ve resolved the issues that were preventing the documents from appearing successfully, and policyholders can now connect to Nationwide and access their policy documents without issue.

Access Controls for Expired GloveBoxHQ Users

Previously, if an owner, customer service representative, or Elite Agent had expired in GloveBoxHQ, meaning they didn’t sign in for an extended period of time, GloveBox didn’t have a streamlined process to help them regain access. Now, expired users who are trying to log back in to GloveBox will receive an error message that provides clearer insight into the error.

Expired User Error Message

To resolve this error Code 063044, the user can then log out of GloveBox and then log back in. These actions reset the user’s personal token, which gives them access to GloveBoxHQ.

Stay tuned in the future for even more enhancements to this workflow!