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Safeco Password Reset Requirement

Safeco has implemented some changes on their website which require ALL users to reset their password. Here's a guide on how to help them accomplish that.

In March 2023, Safeco implemented a requirement for ALL users to reset their password. In order to keep the GloveBox connection to Safeco working properly, users will need to update their password on Safeco's system before their connections will update with any new documents or information. Here are steps to complete this -->


1. Please send your clients this link. It will take them to Safeco's password reset page that looks like this: 

Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 1.35.43 PM

2. After successfully resetting their password, have them come back into GloveBox and navigate to their Safeco card and click "Connect." Once they enter their new credentials, their accounts will update and continue to update nightly, moving forward.