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Sharing Your App With Referral Partners

By training your referral partners on the basics of GloveBox, you can make the most of your self-service tools for new prospects and referrals.

The old methods of referring a business professional are dead. Names are forgotten, emails get deleted, numbers don't get saved, and business cards get thrown out. Why not give prospects a way for your agency's information to live somewhere they look every single day? No, not in their wallet, not living under a fridge magnet, or in their car's center console. We're talking about their phone!


With GloveBox, your referral partners can easily share your agency's platform with their clients, and once downloaded, prospects can choose how they want to connect with you. For the busy professional, they can text you! For the socialite who has no interest in emails, but would rather call to articulate their needs, they can do that too! For the millennial who just wants to get a quote without having to physically speak with anyone, there are options for them as well.

For anyone who is looking for a better insurance agency experience, the GloveBox platform will automatically fill that need. A big step to immediately elevating your client/prospect experience is to ensure that your referral partners are defaulting to referring you via GloveBox.

Showcase. Demo. Automate.


Make a concentrated effort to showcase your app to everyone in your professional network. Realtors, mortgage brokers, financial planners, and anybody else you rely on for leads. They should ALL be informed that this is the preferred method for sharing your agency's information with their clients. 


Show your referral partners how to use your app. Demo GloveBox and how easily it is to use the "Refer Agency" button to share it with their clients. Encourage them to go in and connect to their own carriers. By engaging with the app as an actual user, your referral partners can see the unique value of the platform and will be more likely to use it when referring clients to you.


Keeping GloveBox bookmarked in a browser. Adding the GloveBox mobile app to their phone home screen or pinned to a "Work" folder. Creating custom text/email templates with your Connect link. There are a variety of means that your referral partners can implement in order to easily automate the referral process. Encourage that they take these steps and build this new process into their workflow.

By engaging with your referral partners to share your agency's digital self-service platform, you can easily stand out in a sea of old-fashioned agencies, and set yourself and your professional network up for success.