Using third-party platforms with GloveBox

Agencies can easily integrate third-party apps within GloveBox to improve the overall digital experience for policyholders and agency teams.

Visit this article to learn how to update the Capture Links in HQ to connect third-party apps and other technology to GloveBox.

Create a complete seamless, digital experience for your policyholders and your team.

GloveBox’s flexible plug-and-play capability enables agencies to easily implement third-party tools such as raters and quote capture technology and use it within GloveBox.

While GloveBox provides agency partners with pre-set TypeForms in the Capture Links, from this section in HQ, agencies can easily swap out default links to add their own technology.

By utilizing customized quote capture tools or other technology within GloveBox, policyholder information is able to move more easily between systems and across agency workflows. Custom plugins reduce time spent on redundant or duplicate work.

Including additional technology within your agency’s GloveBox enables agencies to:

  • Streamline internal workflows
  • Optimize and automate processes
  • Simplify the overall quoting experience for your team

How can I use my agency’s technology with GloveBox?

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Quote Capture

The Get A Quote feature allows both prospects and current clients to easily request a quote from your agency. By connecting your own rater or dedicated quote capture tool to GloveBox, app users can directly interface with the technology you are already using to provide a quote.

Appointment Calendar

The optional Set Appointment feature in the GloveBox app enables agencies and agents to add a calendar link or scheduling tool to GloveBox for easy appointment booking.

Elite Agents

This flexibility is exceptionally suited for agencies that take advantage of the Elite Agent platform. This plug-and-play system allows Elite Agents to tie their own tools right into GloveBox, such as their own quote capture or a personal calendar link so that clients can use GloveBox to book with the individual agent themselves. This adds a new layer of personalization for prospects and current clients, creating an even more memorable, user-friendly experience.