Why Do I only See One Named Insured in GloveBox?

Due to Data Privacy laws, GloveBox shows the first named insured on data presented to the user even though there may be more than one person covered on the insurance policy.

Although insurance companies can insure and cover more than one person on a policy, some carriers only list the first named insured on documentation. A great example of this is ID cards from Travelers Insurance. Even if there are multiple drivers on an auto policy with Travelers, (which is very common) Auto ID cards presented to the client only show the first named insured. 

This can cause some concern for users who are only seeing a single name in GloveBox instead of every named insured written on the policy. At GloveBox, we do strive, when connected to carriers who have Active Policy Monitoring, to show all named insureds in the system, but when we don't have that available data, we simple revert to showing the first named insured which comes through the AMS data import. 

Ultimately as we continue to build out GloveBox and add new features, we definitely want to support editing of drivers and insureds in the household so all can be viewed inside GloveBox.