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Promoting Your App: The Secret to Self Service Success

The key to driving your policyholders into GloveBox is successfully promoting your platform. Get creative with your promotion strategy with these tips and tricks!

Put your platform into action

One of the most important aspects of promoting GloveBox is “setting up the ecosystem”. This includes making GloveBox easily accessible, and including it in your agency’s everyday processes. Here are some things you can do to put your platform into action:

  • Add "Download Our App" button to your email signature
  • Add a Client Login Portal to your website
  • Add a reminder to your team’s closing scripts, this ensures that GloveBox is mentioned on every call, so that you are always driving clients to your self-service platform.

Drive your team to GloveBox resources and offer ongoing CSR and Agent education. Finally, utilize Live Training Events and GBU training tools for this!

Share GloveBox with referral partners

One area of promotion that can be easy to overlook are referral partnerships. GloveBox provides your referral partners a unique and easy way to refer your agency to potential clients, so make sure to share GloveBox with them too!

  • Use Client Invite to help referral partners get started with GloveBox
  • Show off the in-app Refer Agency button as well as the in-app workflow just for referral partners (part of the default Get A Quote Typeform)
  • Once you’ve introduced GloveBox, use platforms like LinkedIn to remind referral partners how easy it is to refer you!

Take advantage of QR codes

In recent years, we have seen QR codes become common place in businesses and restaurants. You can also use them to promote your agency's app!

We’ve provided a QR Code generator in the Resources tab in GloveBox HQ, which enables you to create a custom QR code using your Connect Link (available on the HQ Overview screen). Add this QR code to your business card, office desk or door, or any other printed material. This is an easy way for prospects and clients to access your platform and get a quote or assistance with policies.

Leverage social media

Social media is an excellent way to remind both current policyholders and referral partners about your platform, in addition to being a great avenue for generating new business. Use social to remind clients about how easily they can get help through your agency’s app, and provide them with a quick way to get started by including your Connect Link in social posts. Read more about taking advantage of social media here!

And remember...

Clients and prospects can't use self-service tools if they don't know they exist! While it's important to actively introduce your platform, ongoing promotion is key to continued, consistent use from your policyholders.