The GloveBox Resource Guide

At GloveBox, we've provided you with a ton of tools and resources to help you to be successful with your new Client Experience Platform. This is an overview of all the different resources available to our agency partners!

Resources Available in HQ

GloveBox University

GBU includes detailed articles and videos for how to use the GloveBox platform and its features, in addition to a vast content library for navigating HQ, training tools for your team, troubleshooting guides, and advice for marketing your app. If you see something that should be included, let us know!

Resources Page

The Resources tool provides several different tools that you can use to further promote and implement your agency's GloveBox! With options such as custom marketing materials available upon request, QR code creator, and various scripts to use with policyholders and carriers, the Resources tab provides a ton of supplementary material for taking your GloveBox promotion to the moon! Find this right on the lefthand side of your HQ homepage.

Help Desk

dispatch logoThe Help Desk, available via this blue icon right from HQ, gives agencies and their teams quick access to both GloveBox University and to their Agency Success Manager! If you have a question, do a quick search in GBU without leaving HQ. Can't find the answer or have a really specific question? Easily connect with your Agency Success Manager using the Chat feature. This is especially valuable for recently added team members who can connect with your ASM even if they don't know their email address!

Resources Available in GBU

Mission Control User Guide

Your main training kit for you and your team to learn how to use GloveBox! Your Agency Success Manager will share this with agency admins during onboarding, but it is also available here in GBU!

Troubleshooting Pages

These dedicated troubleshooting pages live right here in GBU will walk you through and help you to diagnose and resolve the most commonly encountered issues in GloveBox. These are available to you via the Help Desk, even if you are encountering issues logging in to HQ.

Live Training Events

The GloveBox Genius hosts weekly live training events where agency team members can receive high-level overview of the platform and its features, and explore specific features and scenarios in order to maximize use of GloveBox. Read about our live training events here.

Resources Available in Resources Page

Powered By GloveBox (Facebook Group)

This is our online community exclusive to agency partners and GloveBox affiliates. This is a great place to pick up tips and tricks for using and sharing GloveBox! We encourage you to post and ask questions. There are even specific topics to help you orient yourself! Visit our Powered By group here.

Agency Success

The ultimate resource to provide you with support for your GloveBox platform is your Agency Success Manager. While our agency partners have tons of options to "self-service" (that's kind of our thing), the Agency Success team is always available to provide direct assistance. Whether you need additional support and training, have specific issues you're encountering, want to learn more about your GloveBox options, or just have any general questions, your Agency Success Manager is here for you and your team. The best way to reach your ASM is via email or the chat in the Help Desk in HQ (described below!)