What is the process for onboarding my agency with GloveBox?

Here is an overall timeline of the onboarding process and the tasks involved! We make this process as efficient as possible for you and your team; these calls are typically 30 min or less.

Onboarding To Launch

Build your app:

  • During this Zoom with your Guru, we build out your app and get you in the onboarding queue. From here, you are typically ready to launch in under 30 days!

Welcome Call:

  • Set up your client list (typically 5-10 min, some AMS systems take longer)
  • Review Welcome Packet
  • Overview of HQ
  • Overview of available resources for help and learning

Once your list is all set up…

Our data team will clean and connect your client list, sending AMS policyholder data to GloveBox to prepare your platform for launch. Once this has been completed, you are ready for your Pre-Launch call!

Your tasks during this time:

Pre-Launch call:

Meanwhile, complete the below to-do items.

Prepare for Launch:

We encourage you to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the GloveBox platform, test the features, explore HQ, and check out the resources available in GBU.

And finally... LAUNCH!!!

All that is required of you and your team from this point is to promote GloveBox to your clients and help them get set up so they are fully equipped to self-serve using GloveBox.