Using GloveBox's Elite Agent Platforms

The Elite Agent product enables agents already utilizing GloveBox to take the client experience to the next level. With Elite Agent, agents can have a personalized selling tool while providing policyholders with a robust digital experience.

Ready to get started with the Elite Agent Platform? Check out the Elite Agent Onboarding Checklist.

What are Elite Agents?

The Elite Agent product serves as an extension of an agency’s existing GloveBox by customizing the in-app policyholder experience for a specific writing agent or agency location/branch. The Elite Agent platforms not only display more personalized branding, but destination email address for quotes and service requests can also be customized to be agent or branch-specific.

When used for an agent, the Elite Agent’s policyholders are greeted with their agent’s headshot and own contact information upon logging into GloveBox (instead of seeing just the agency logo and general contact information). 

When used for locations, policyholders are able to connect directly with the branch where their policy was issued for more streamlined servicing.

Elite Agent platform for Agents

In addition to having the agents name and headshot displayed front and center in the GloveBox app, here are some of the standout features that Elite Agents can benefit from:

Get A Quote

Elite agents can implement their own custom quote capture and add their own contact information to the Get A Quote feature. As a result, when policyholders click Get A Quote, the request goes directly to the agent, not to a general agency email address. This ensures that agencies are able to easily follow up with their own clients and manage their incoming referrals.

Refer Agent

Elite Agent platform is a standout referral tool, because referral partners and those in your network can use the Refer Agency feature to share your app and send referrals directly to you. This allows clients to easily refer the individual they enjoy working with, not just the agency.


When managing policyholders in GloveBoxHQ, Elite Agents are able to manage their book of business exclusively, without viewing every other policyholder at the agency. Elite Agents can add their CSRs to GloveBoxHQ to manage service requests via the in-app Request Service feature and help new policyholders get started with Client Invite.

Elite Agent platform for Locations/Branches

The Elite Agent platform also offers an way for agencies to provide a location-based experience to their policyholders. This is an excellent option for agencies that have acquired new locations or for those that have branches managed independently.

When using the Elite Agent platform for branches, the contact information can be customized to reflect the sales and service teams at that designated branch, enabling policyholders to communicate and maintain relationships with the agency where their policies were first issued. This is also incredibly valuable for agencies that may have branches in multiple states.